Healing the Empathic Heart: Codependent No More

Healing the Empathic Heart: Codependent No More

Join Author, Healer and The Spiritual Mediator Christina Renée Joubert as she takes you on a 33-day healing journey

A 33-day journey of life-changing revelations; Mind, Body & Soul expansion; AND whole-body energetic healing. 

This is a WORKSHOP and HEALING unlike anything you've ever experienced before.  

You will transform -- or your money back.

This is a MUST-TAKE course for healing the heart and the energetic connection between taking on others' energy (Empath), giving all of your energy away (Lightworker) and then needing others to fill you back up (Codependent)

  • Starts March 3rd
  • 33 Days of soul-cleansing healing
  • 33 Days of soul-filling laughter, love, cheers, tears, hope and LIGHT 
  • LIVE broadcasts 3 Days per week = Instruction + Q&A + Healing + Self Work
  • Immediate recordings of all LIVE broadcasts in case you can't tune in live or want to watch again later
  • Group energetic healings at least 3 times per week -- during the live broadcasts and offline (sometimes I feel called to do the healings more frequently and I always answer the call)
  • A minimum of one 30-minute 1:1 call with Christina Renée with unlimited email access
  • $2,300 worth of intense, life-changing HEALING for $333 (a savings of $1,967)

33 Days + 3 Days Per Week + 3/3 Start Date = $333 

What Makes This Course & Your Outcome Different?

Most people try to heal by focusing on one part of the experience of healing: Mind, Body OR Spirit.

Most teachers teach by speaking to the mind and sharing information.

Most energy healers heal by moving energy.

But, to truly heal you must not only speak to the mind or move energy -- you must also be able to integrate the new information -- the new energy -- into your way of BEING. In this course you'll do just that.

And here's what makes my approach and your outcome different:

I am a powerful energy healer and I will move your energy, elevate your spirit/energy/vibration and release energy that is ready to be released. I intuitively know what your energy needs and/or is ready for and I don't heal you less if what you need is more.  

You are treated as an apprentice not a student or a client. I believe that if I don't empower you and give you all the information, energetic healing and tools needed to heal then I have failed at my mission to heal. To me, healing isn't just about what happens in the "chair" so to speak, it's also about how prepared you are to handle life outside the "chair".

I teach as a person who has walked the path you are on. My teachings are chalk-full of real stories from our real lives. As a result, you will easily understand the teachings, quickly and easily relate to the teachings and therefore naturally integrate them. You will feel as though I am talking only to you; and in many ways I am. You will also have one a-ha! moment after another; everything will "all of a sudden" make sense. I promise.

I will comfort and nurture your mind. Often times it is our minds that stop us from truly healing and integrating our new teachings into our way of BEING. I will speak to your mind, comfort your mind and gently help your mind to begin trusting that your healing will not make you more vulnerable to pain but rather stronger in growth.

I will honor your Spirit. Most of us learned early in life to quiet our Spirit and dim our light. I honor your Spirit and I have full faith and trust in it. Your Spirit knows what experiences you are supposed to have in life. I will unlock its potential and its grace so that it can begin to lead you once again. Your Spirit is the home of your true authentic, beautiful self. It's also the birthplace of your strength and your Purpose.

You are loved instantly, without question and beyond measure. And you'll feel it. Loving is a critical part of the entire healing process I take you through. The basis of what makes my approach successful is how "all in" I go with sharing my love, my vulnerability, my wisdom, and my unconditional light. Oftentimes my apprentices experience unconditional love for the first time in their lives in working with me and as such they experience the feeling of being heard without question, safe without worry and perfect just as they are. It is in this freely-given embrace of love that you will feel safe and can release and heal with ease. You will amaze yourself at your brilliance and your transformation.

This Course is for YOU if . . .

You are a Lightworker, an Empath, Codependent and/or . . . 

You want to keep evolving, growing, healing

You want to share your light and not feel as though sharing is a burden or takes from you 

You're tired of being triggered by other people and you want to stop reacting to the triggers and giving away your happiness, your light, your love and your personal peace

You want to stop being dependent on other people's thoughts of you or energy (codependent)

You want to develop a closer connection to yourself, your life, purpose, freedom and/or happiness

You are ready to permanently release the energy and feelings of not being worthy, good enough, heard, loved, loveable

You are feeling stuck in life and unable to keep growing

You don't know what your own energy feels like (your own wishes, dreams, likes and dislikes) and you are ready to figure "you" out

You are ready to blow your own mind with your brilliance

If You Are An Empath, You Are Also (very likely) Codependent 

And Here's Why . . . 

When we are codependent, we are dependent on other people, places or things to "fill us up" and make us feel whole, worthy, valued, loved, nurtured, etc because we have not developed a relationship with our own energy, and a healthy way to keep it and nurture it.

Being Empathic means that we have the God-given ability to feel other's energy, take-on other's energy and give others our energy

When we give too much of our own energy to others (or take on too much of their energy/pain), we become dependent on needing other people, places or things to fill us back up. If we do this for long enough . . . we no longer recognize who we are and what we want. 

But this can change; we can heal this. In this 33-day course I start the healing for you.

What Kind of Transformation Can You Expect To See From This Course?

By the end of this 33-day course you will begin to heal your beautiful, empathic heart -- letting go of your need to be codependent on others AND: 

  • Begin to give from the "right" place in you (it's a place that doesn't drain or take from you)

  • Become full of your own beautiful, brilliant light -- also known as LOVE for yourself

  • Feel more joy, happiness and gratitude enter your life (and stay!)

  • Begin to create healthy boundaries around the energy you give and the energy you receive

  • Intuitively understand the connection between being an empath and being "co-dependent"

  • Know how to manage your gift as an empath; recognize what energy is yours versus someone else's AND know how to release what's not yours

  • Know new, powerful ways to comfort and soothe yourself 

  • Be able to break the connection between needing other's energy and giving all of yours away ("needing to be needed")

  • Begin creating relationships that offer a balanced and mutually beneficial exchange of energy

  • Release the energy and end the cycle of continuing to need that which you no longer want (addictions, escapes, dysfunctions)

  • Begin to see your life from a whole new vantage point -- one that consistently looks and feels inviting, inspiring, hopeful

  • Heal, Heal, Heal


What Kind of Transformations Have Others Had?

Testimonials are from participants of my 5-Day "Soul-FULL" Challenge

I have been on my own soulful healing journey for a couple of years now. I have taken various webinars, worked with mentors, life coaches, Spiritual Advisors one on one and am involved in spiritual groups online. I ran across Christina’s challenge via a Facebook ad and felt strongly compelled to join. 

Christina reached out via email with a welcome and introduction on what to expect. In her very first video, I felt as if I had known her in some way all my life. She is soft spoken, encouraging, very supportive and I love how she answers questions or concerns in great detail. Many concerns she addressed weren’t spoken or written to her, she sensed them through our energy. That was amazing because some may not have wanted to voice their concern out loud or some may not even have known exactly what it was they were feeling to voice it. So, her ability to pick up on our energy and address concerns with such empathy and with so much heart is a miracle tool she used to help in so many ways. 

I loved how she explains things thoroughly and clearly...example: during the energy release video, I felt nothing. I was afraid since I wasn’t feeling a release or able to visualize the energy being “birthed” out of me, that for me, nothing was happening or would change. During the next video, Christina addressed those concerns she had picked up on, not just from me, and explained clearly that even though we didn’t “feel” anything, our words, the actions are ALL energy and there would be changes from going through the process itself. EVERY mentor or Spiritual Advisor in the past would always simply reply, “oh, if you don’t feel anything, it’s ok.” But never took the time to explain why it’s ok. I feel as though I had success with Christina because she explained it so I no longer blocked progress with my worries and concerns, because she cleared them away. 

Then with the final video where we released people, places or things that were behind the actions we wanted to change in our lives, the actions hindering our progress, the intensity was so raw, yet it felt like a deep clearing for me. I was left with a calm inside I had NEVER felt before. As the hours went on and into the next day, I felt giddy with some sort of excitement that I still can’t put my finger on but I know it has to do with moving forward. The calm has remained. I was angry nearly all the time, that is gone...as in vanished. 

Working with Christina has been a beautiful thing, beyond measure. We talked individually where she provided such invaluable insight and information. And I truly enjoyed working with her in the group. If you are seeking someone who is very genuine in helping you heal and grow, Christina is it. Take her challenge, you will gain so much clarity in your journey.  

~Tammy, Florida, USA

I came across this challenge and The Soul Family group at a place where I was feeling very stuck and sad. In many ways, the challenge selected me, ready to show me that my open wounds were meant for healing. Five days later, not only did I feel enlightened through the self work, I felt almost physically lighter, less heavy and burdened. Hopeful and amazed by my journey thus far, ready to leave behind all that no longer served me, and go forth toward achieving all that my purpose has for me. 

For the first time ever, I am allowing my spirit to lead my mind and not the other way around! It frees me from anxious and limiting thoughts that have kept me in small, safe, unfulfilling places. In the past, I recognized my triggers but had no other method of coping than reacting, hurting and blaming. Christina taught that ‘purposeful pain’ is the gift of an opportunity to heal and release those feelings, and a chance to choose healing, loving ways to face it. Until then, no one had ever shown me how to release the pain when I felt it. We hold onto the negative energy of a trigger or feeling, even when we say we’re past it, but Christina walked us through how to face it, thank it and let it go. 

Christina Renee Joubert has a gift, not just an empath, guide and teacher. She has the gifts of insight, wisdom, intuition, and the ability to connect to the hearts of every one of us. She truly embodies the beauty in sharing and holding space for others to grow and heal. She is a soul sister in the realest sense. I have no other word to describe her than ‘beautiful’. She radiates it and embodies it. She makes you feel like you’ve known her your whole life, like a cherished friend and confidant; such a generous soul, with unconditional love and vulnerability to share. Christina doesn’t just have a gift, she IS a gift, and I am better for having received it. Thank you. Love you. Forever grateful. Forever soul sister.  

~Vanessa, Ontario, Canada

I wanted to share with you some beautiful things that have happened since you came into my life! 

I am so grateful for the gift you gave in helping open my heart back up. My heart is full of joy, and I’m learning to focus daily on the things and people I love and push out negative energy. The more good thoughts I have, the less room there is for anything else. ❤️ 

~Fiona, Canada 

You'll Also Get . . . 

  • Direct access to Christina Renée to ask your questions and get answers 
  • Mind, Body, Soul aligning energetic healings ($2,300 value)
  • Access to closed Facebook group, The Soul Family, where I teach free classes and do "pop-up healing" events
  • FREE electronic copy of Christina Renée's book When Soulmates Unite - Learning to Love Ourselves from the People Who Can Hurt Us the Most
  • Deep, full-bodied release of energy that is not yours and/or energies you are ready to release that no longer serve you 
  • The gift of community and knowing you're not alone and you're beautifully made and unconditionally loved

Christina Renée Joubert is the The Spiritual Mediator, Founder & CEO of Teaching the World to Love, and author of When Soulmates Unite – Learning to Love Ourselves from the People Who Can Hurt Us the Most. She’s also an expert in providing people with the wisdom, clarity and healing needed to change their experience of life.  

As a spiritual teacher, mediator and energy healer, she works with people to uncover and unwrap the gift of their own human (and super human!) potential found mainly in rediscovering their own beauty, their own light and their own capacity to love themselves and others without conditions.  

She teaches, leads and guides using her intuitive gifts and a combination of wisdom, skill, vulnerability, active listening, humor, storytelling, intuitive feeling — and always from a place of unconditional and inspired love. She is a spiritual mentor/mediator/teacher/healer who has spent almost 39 years cultivating wisdom, changing her own life and changing the lives of others.  

Christina Renée has a gift to heal and was placed here to share it.

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